Sledging under the stars

Exercise and fun are guaranteed on this exciting sledging evening by moonlight under a starry sky on the "Queen of the Mountains". Racing down on a sledge through the stunning winter landscape and then enjoying a cosy meal in the Staffel Alp at Rigi Staffel will put everyone in a good mood.

After travelling up from Goldau, Vitznau or Weggis, you pick up your sledges at Rigi Staffel. Then you travel on to Rigi Kulm where the sledging fun begins. You can do as many runs as you like on the floodlit sledging track from Rigi Kulm to Rigi Staffel. Then you can fortify yourself at the Staffel Alp with a hearty Fondue, Alpine Macaroni or a good liqueur coffee.

Full-moon sledging, Friday, 22 January and Friday, 19 February 2016; 7:00 to 10:45 pm, Rigi Kulm - Rigi Staffel

What we offer

Schedule from Goldau     Schedule from Rigi Kulm    
Goldau departure 18.10 Uhr 19.10 Uhr Rigi Kulm departure 22.04 Uhr  
Goldau A4 18.12 Uhr 19.12 Uhr Rigi Staffel 22.09 Uhr 23.00 Uhr
Rigi Klösterli 18.34 Uhr 19.34 Uhr Rigi Klösterli 22.18 Uhr 23.09 Uhr
Rigi Staffel 18.42 Uhr 19.42 Uhr Goldau A4 22.41 Uhr 23.30 Uhr
Rigi Kulm arrival 18.47 Uhr 19.47 Uhr Goldau arrival 22.48 Uhr 23.35 Uhr


Schedule from Vitznau   Schedule from Rigi Staffel  
Vitznau departure 19.15 Uhr Rigi Staffel departure 22.45 Uhr
Rigi Kaltbad 19.35 Uhr Rigi Kaltbad 22.55 Uhr
Rigi Staffel 19.41 Uhr Vitznau arrival 23.20 Uhr
Rigi Kulm arrival 19.47 Uhr    


Schedule from Weggis   Schedule from Rigi Kaltbad    
Weggis departure 19.10 Uhr Rigi Kaltbad departure 22.20 Uhr 23.20 Uhr
Rigi Kaltbad arrival 19.20 Uhr Weggis arrival 22.30 Uhr 23.30 Uhr

Floodlighting and preparation of the sledging run from Rigi Kulm – Rigi Staffel
Sledge hire

Good to know
Groups: One person free in every group of 10 
Dinner available in the Staffel Alp, Rigi Staffel (fondue or alpine macaroni); Reservations at the restaurant or on Tel. 041 399 87 66
Last train down from Rigi Staffel: 11.00 pm to Goldau, 10:45 pm to Vitznau / Weggis
Discounts: Bring your own sledge CHF 10 / Children under the age of 16 years and GA travelcard or Rigi annual pass holders CHF 14
Information on whether the session is going ahead from Friday, 2:00 pm on Tel. 041 399 87 70

Per person
CHF 43