150th Anniversary: vehicle parade


The historic wagon parade will take place during the anniversary weekend on May 22, 2021. Click through the image gallery above and book your seat in a nostalgic carriage below. The seat reservation is only valid for the uphill journey.


  • free of charge for a seat reservation in a nostalgic carriage or motor carriage*
  • CHF 40.00 per person for a seat reservation in a nostalgic carriage in front of the steam train
*Please note that with a shopping cart amount of CHF 0.00, the credit card details must still be entered, this is unfortunately not to bypass for technical system reasons. Nothing will be charged to the credit card.

IMPORTANT: In addition to the seat reservation, a valid train ticket must be hold. The ticket can be purchased here. The 365-day season ticket, the GA or an SBB day pass/municipal day pass will be accepted as a valid ticket. 

Please arrive on good time at the station and note that changes regarding departure times are still possible.

Timetable Vitznau Timetable Goldau
Departure Vitznau at 10.16h Departure Arth-Goldau at 10.10h
Arrival Rigi Staffel at 11:36 Uhr  Arrival Rigi Staffel at 11:30 Uhr
Departure Rigi Staffel at 12:10 Uhr Departure Rigi Staffel at 12:10 Uhr 
Arrival Rigi Kulm an 12:40 Uhr Arrival Rigi Kulm at 12:40 Uhr
Return to Vitznau Return to Goldau
Departure from Rigi Kulm at 15.01.h Departure from Kulm at 15.17h
After arrival in Vitznau there will be probably a steamboat

Good to know
Cancellation policy: Ticket can be changed/cancelled up to 48 h prior to event

Getting there

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