unique journey with steam train No. 7 2022


Take a ride ascending Mt. Rigi with the world's only mobile rack steam locomotive with a standing boiler and let yourself be charmed by a journey into a past which lies almost 150 years ago. 

More nostalgic summer steam trips from Vitznau up to Mt. Rigi with the locomotive 16/17 are available here

Dates 2022
Ascent from Goldau: 21./22. May, 25./26. June 2022
Ascent from Vitznau: 1. August, 24./25. September 2022

Descent to Goldau: 21./22. May, 25. June, 25. September 2022
Descent to Vitznau: 26. June, 1. August, 24. September 2022

Good to know
On all dates mentioned above, there will also be hop-on hop-off rides with the steam train No. 7 between Rigi Kulm and Rigi Staffel. You can buy your ticket here.
Children up to 16 years travel free of charge if accompanied by an adult.
Cancellation policy: Ticket can be changed/cancelled up to 72 h prior to event.


Vitznau - Rigi Kulm   Rigi Kulm - Vitznau  
Vitznau 09.50 am Rigi Kulm 2.01 pm
Rigi Kaltbad Arrival 11.00 am Rigi Staffel 2.11 pm
Rigi Kaltbad Arrival 11.20 am Staffelhöhe  2.20 pm
Staffelhöhe 11.25 am Rigi Kaltbad 2.26 pm
Rigi Staffel 11.35 am Romiti 2.36 pm
Rigi Kulm 11.45 am Vitznau 3.10 pm
Goldau - Rigi Kulm   Rigi Kulm - Goldau  
Goldau 10.10 am   Rigi Kulm 2.05 pm
Goldau A4 10.15 am Rigi Staffel 2.22 pm
Kräbel 10.34 am Wölfertschen 2.28 pm
Klösterli 11.18 am Klösterli 2.46 pm
Wölfertschen 11.25 am Kräbel 3.31 pm
Rigi Staffel 11.33 am Goldau A4 3.45 pm
Rigi Kulm 11.45 am Goldau 3.55 pm














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