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Please follow these safety measures when traveling on Mount Rigi railways.

Two Mountains – One Partnership Rigi / Emei Shan, China

The partnership between the two mountains Emei Shan (Sichuan province, China) and Mount Rigi, which lie 8’013 km apart, was established in 2009. In order to symbolise the cultural and touristic collaboration, an exchange of stones between the two mountains took place.

The heavyweight stones represent the valuable and long-standing partnership between RIGI and EMEI. 

On September 29th, 2014
the Rigi-Stone was inaugurated on the holy Mt. Emei. The Rigi-Stone weighs 2.6 tons and is a molasses conglomerate.

On July 31th, 2015
the Emei-Stone was inaugurated on the top of Mt. Rigi (Rigi Kulm). The Emei-Stone weighs 8 tons and is a basalt rock.

两座山 - 合作关系





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