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Llama Trekking Seebodenalp

Unterdorf 156403 Küssnacht am Rigi

Llamas - who does not like them? For those who have always wanted to meet a llama and spend time with these animals, the llama trekking on the Seebodenalp...

  • Ascent and descent with the cable car Küssnacht Seebodenalp
  • Llama trekking with guide
  • Picnic during the trekking


69,00 CHF Per person

‘3 courses – 3 hosts’ sunset tour

Bahnhofstrasse 76354 Vitznau

Three short hikes to three different hosts - exercise in the great outdoors combined with exquisite regional cuisine. The hiking group will also be...

  • 3-course meal in 3 different restaurants 
  • local hiking guide
  • cogwheel train ride

From 102,00 CHF per person

Rucksack To Go

6410 Rigi Staffel

Spontaneously planned a trip to the Rigi but have no time to shop? The solution: The rucksack that satisfies every appetite - available on Rigi Staffel as a...

  • Rucksack with delicacies
  • Hiking pleasures
  • Choice between Grill, Raclette, Rigi Beer and Picnic rucksack


From 26,00 CHF per person

Barry hikes on Mount Rigi

Bodenstrasse 236403 Küssnacht am Rigi

Mt. Rigi is a St. Bernard mountain. Already a hundred years ago, St. Bernard dogs resided on the Queen of the Mountains and were helping residents with...


  • Guided tour accompanied by St. Bernhard dogs
  • Interesting information about St. Bernards and their connection to Mt. Rigi
  • delicious barbecue at Restaurant BärgGnuss (only saturday)


From 19,00 CHF per person
Wed 10 July - Wed 21 August 2019

Märchenmittwoch auf der Rigi

Lauschen Sie den Märchen der Erzählerinnen des Netzwerkes Mutabor, der Schule für Märchen und Erzählkultur. Die Märchenerzählerinnen lesen nicht vor, sondern...

Full moon overnight hike

Bahnhofstrasse 76354 Vitznau

At night, the atmosphere in the Alps is truly unique. A magical sense of calm fills the air. The darkness of night reveals undiscovered aspects of the...

  • Ascent from Vitznau to Hinterbergen with the cable car 
  • guided hike from Hinterbergen to Rigi Kulm 
  • stunning sunset on top of Mount Rigi 
  • Brunch in the alpine farm Chäserenholz
  • Descent back to Vitznau


From 79,00 CHF per person

14. Swiss Hiking Night - hiking above the sea of lights

Bahnhofstrasse 76354 Vitznau

The 14 Swiss Hiking Night will take place in the night of July 13/14, 2019. Take part in this nationwide experience and discover the queen of the mountains...

  • guided round hike above the sea of lights 
  • delicious soup and hot tea at the Gruebi Rigi Scheidegg
  • unforgettable experience
From 28,00 CHF per person

Horse-drawn carriage rides

Explore Mt. Rigi’s spectacular Alpine scenery at a leisurely pace in summer or in winter aboard a horse-drawn carriage.

Sat 22 June - Wed 31 July 2019

Botanisch-naturkundliche Wanderungen Rigi

Auf der Rigi blühen wunderschöne und seltene Blumen und Pflanzen. Ein kundiger Führer der Pro Rigi zeigt auf dieser Tour, wo man sie findet und bringt die...

Mount Rigi South Side Safari

Discover the south side of Mount Rigi in many different ways – by boat, cable car, shuttle bus, public bus, cogwheel railway or on an easy hike. Thanks to the play areas, firepits, space to romp around and stunning views along the entire route, the Mount Rigi South Side Safari is the perfect choice for a day trip with the whole family.