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The cable car Weggis to Rigi Kaltbad is closed due to maitenance works until 26 April, 2019.
The winter sports facilities on the Rigi are closed.

Hiking trails on Mount Rigi

The Seebodenalp Glacier Trail

Parking Seebodenalp-Alp Ruodisegg-Hinterer Boden-Holderen-Parking Seebodenalp

Search for traces of glaciers on the Seebodenalp! One of the themes of the Glacier Trail is the last Ice Age, and it attempts to make this part of nature more comprehensible.

 5.23 km  1.25 h  160 m  160 m

Mark Twain trail

Weggis – Felsentor – Rigi Kaltbad – Rigi Staffel – Rigi Kulm

This walking trail along traditional paths has everything you could want for a great day on the mountain. Your hard work will be rewarded with fabulous views throughout the entire 1,350-metre ascent.

 10.4 km  5 h  1358 m

Rigi panorama trail

Rigi Kaltbad – First – Unterstetten – Hinder Dossen – Rigi Scheidegg

The captivating panorama walking trail follows the former Rigi-Scheidegg railway line to Unterstetten. This flat first section is followed by a gentle ascent to Rigi Scheidegg.

 7.1 km  2 h

Rigi Bildstöckli trail

Rigi Kaltbad – Rotstock – Rigi Staffel

From Rigi Kaltbald there is a fairly steep ascent to Rotstock where you can enjoy a fantastic panoramic view. From Rostock there is a short descent to Rigi Staffel.

 2.7 km  1 h  226 m  59 m

Rigi floral trail

Rigi Staffel – Känzeli – Kaltbad – First – Felsenweg
A very easy walk on well-made paths. In the area around Rigi Kaltbad/Rigi First it's even suitable for prams and wheelchairs. The Felsenweg is closed in winter. After the walk you can catch a train back down to the valley from Rigi Wölfertschen-First, Rigi Klösterli or Rigi Kaltbad.

 7.3 km  2 h

Rigi Dossen trail

Rigi Klösterli – Heiterenboden – Unterstetten – Dossen – Hinder Dossen – Rigi Scheidegg

There is a gradual incline all the way from Rigi Klösterli up to Unterstetten. The subsequent climb up Dossen is more challenging and requires a good level of fitness. After the descent to Hinder Dossen, the trail then slopes gently upwards to the final destination at Rigi Scheidegg.

 5.2 km  2.5 h  450 m  130 m

Rigi First Weg

Rigi Kaltbad – lower Firstweg – First – upper Firstweg – Rigi Kaltbad

An easy, panoramic walk that you can do with a pram, too.

 2.1 km  0.35 h  52 m

Rigi ridge trail

Urmiberg – Gätterlipass – Rigi Burggeist – Seeweg – Felsenweg – First – Rigi Kaltbad

This gorgeous route features several steep climbs and descents on the way to Unterstetten. From Unterstetten, the trail is completely flat and follows the former Rigi-Scheidegg railway line to Rigi Kaltbad.

 12.6 km  5 h

Rigi Känzeli trail

Rigi Kaltbad – Aussichtspunkt Känzeli – Rigi Kaltbad

An easy, panoramic walk that you can do with a pram, too.

 1.4 km  0.3 h  32 m

Rigi classic

Rigi Kulm – Staffel – Staffelhöhe – Känzeli – Rigi Kaltbad

An easy walk that doesn't present any particular challenges. It's all downhill and there's a decrease in altitude of around 300 metres. The section between Rigi Kulm and Rigi Staffel features an asphalt path.

 4 km  1 h  312 m

Rigi Klösterliweg

Rigi Kaltbad – First – Heiri Hütte – Rigi Klösterli

A short and easy walk that starts off nice and flat, following the former Rigi-Scheidegg railway line. From Rigi First there's an asphalt path leading down to Rigi Klösterli.

 2.2 km  0.3 h  139 m

Rigi Kulm ridge

Rigi Kulm – Kulmhütte – upper Schwändihütte – Des Alpes – Rigi Klösterli

This spectacular hiking trail is all downhill. Sturdy shoes are recommended as the trail is quite steep in some parts and includes a decrease in altitude of 400 metres between Rigi Kulm and Rigi Klösterli. The last section between Des Alpes and Rigi Klösterli features an asphalt path.

 4.1 km  1 h  438 m

Rigi northern trail

Kräbel – Dächli – Schwändi – Trib – First – Rotstock – Stationenweg – Rigi Staffelhöhe

A challenging trail for seasoned hikers. This tough climb is rewarded with spectacular panoramic views.

 9.8 km  4.3 h

Rigi Schwändi trail

Rigi Klösterli – untere Schwändihütte – Schwändi – Alp Chäserenholz – Rigi Kulm

A short hike that packs a punch. This 4 km trail features a difference in altitude of almost 500 metres. It's ideal for very fit hikers looking for challenge.

 3.7 km  1.3 h  458 m

Rigi Seebodenalp

Rigi Kulm – Staffel – Seebodenalp

An asphalt path connects Rigi Kulm to Rigi Staffel. From Rigi Staffel, the descent to Seebodenalp is relatively short but at times quite steep.

 4.3 km  1.3 h  731 m