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Heavy winds are expected in the upcoming days. The aerial cable car between Kaltbad-Weggis and Kräbel-Rigi Scheidegg may stop operation. For further information please check our winter sports report.
Currently, there is not enough snow on the Queen of the Mountains. As a result, winter sports facilities are not operating.

Winter district Küssnacht

Eishalle Küssnacht

Ice Skating Centre Küssnacht

Welcome to the Rigihalle in Küssnacht on Mt. Rigi. The 2018/19 winter season has begun!

The centrally located Rigihalle features a covered ice skating rink and an outdoor ice skating rink. During the winter season, the rink is made available to the public for ice skating whenever possible. The Rigihalle also offers fun amateur ice hockey matches for companies and sports clubs. Hockey equipment can be hired on site. There are also curling events that are open to the public. After an enjoyable game, players can dine together at the neighbouring Bistro Pögg.

This self-service restaurant has a view of the ice skating rink and is the perfect place to chat and unwind.

More information: (only available in German)

Blick auf Curlinghalle vom Bistro

Curling Centre Küssnacht

Küssnacht on Mt. Rigi has its own four-rink curling centre.

This centrally located sports venue was built in 1997 and various curling clubs train here during the curling season.  But it’s not just clubs that come here to play: associations, work colleagues and private groups also enjoy trying their hand at this unique sport.

The curling centre features a curling shop where you can receive professional advice and buy all the necessary equipment, as well as a curling bistro that serves a small selection of delicious Swiss and Thai dishes.  

The curling season starts in September and ends in March/April. In the off season, the centre hosts all kinds of exhibitions and events.

More information is available on the curling centre website (only available in German).

Seebodenalp skiing area


The small skiing area on the Seebodenalp is a wonderful place both for beginners and children and for more advanced skiers and lovers of powder snow.


Snowshoe Tour with cheese Fondue on Seebodenalp

Snowshoe walking is very popular among nature lovers and sports enthusiasts.

Lama Trekking

Llama Trekking

Who doesn’t love llamas? This outdoor experience in Seebodenalp is ideal for anyone who has always wanted to meet a llama and spend time with these wonderful animals.

The Rutz-Hediger family runs a llama farm in Seebodenalp and also offers llama trekking and a variety of other activities.

Llamas are very placid and inquisitive creatures. The farm’s llamas are used to going hiking with people and enjoy being led around. Even children easily guide these cuddly companions.

More information: (only available in German)


Village trail

Get to know Küssnacht from a whole new perspective on trails that not even all the locals know about.

This scavenger hunt game will lead you and your group through different neighbourhoods and alleyways as you pool your creativity to answer the various riddles.

To play the game, you’ll need a description of the route. You can pick one up from the tourist information centre inside the Heimatmuseum or download it as a PDF here. (only available in German)

 Dorftrail Routenbeschreibung  (pdf - 769.54 kB)

Küferei Suppiger

Suppiger Cooperage

Visit the cooperage in Küssnacht and find out how traditional wooden barrels are made. Tours are available on request.

The production process starts with freshly sawn, untreated wood, which is dried naturally in the cooperage. The drying time depends on the thickness of the wood: one centimetre equals one year. Fire and water are used in the assembly of the barrels. Heat from the fire is used to carefully bend the staves into shape. After this, they are treated with fire over a long period of time, stabilised and on request also burned. The barrels are then bound using premium galvanised iron.


Rigi Gold – the mountain beer


Rigi Gold AG is a new regional brewery on the Seebodenalp that uses mountain spring water from Mt. Rigi in its ale.