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These safety measures will enable us to transport guests on Mount Rigi railways effective from May 11, 2020
You can find up-to-date information regarding our operations here

Schwanau Island

The legendary Schwanau Island is located in Lake Lauerz, overlooked by the majestic Mt. Rigi and the Grosser und Kleiner Mythen. 

The island is around 200 metres long and can only be reached aboard the Gemma von Arth ferry. A stroll around this secluded paradise is a wonderful way to unwind and let your thoughts wander. History buffs can register in advance for a historical tour and learn about Schwanau’s intriguing past as they explore the island. First settled in the year 1200, there is also a wealth of myths and legends surrounding the island’s history. The area around Lake Lauerz and Schwanau Island is a protected nature reserve. The island itself is home to numerous insects, reptiles, mammals and birds, as well as a variety of protected plant species.