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According to the guidelines set by the Swiss Federal Council, there are currently no touristic train services being operated on Mount Rigi. Mount Rigi Railways is only operating a reduced service for permanent inhabitants on the mountain.
Here you can find information about the current operating situation due to Coronavirus.


In the following article, you will find important information regarding the measures RIGI BAHNEN AG is taking in response to Coronavirus.

Last Update: April 1, 2020

As a result of Coronavirus, the Swiss Federal Council enacted measures on March 16th, 2020 that have dramatic implications for our operations. Any departures on purely touristic routes, extra trains, as well as historic or nostalgic services have been cancelled. In addition, the RIGI BAHNEN AG will drastically reduce its public transportation offerings, but will assume its responsibility towards the permanent inhabitants at Rigi Kaltbad and will offer additional train services to this destination throughout the day.

Availability Customer-Service-Team

Our customer-service-team is available from Mo - Fr from 08.00h - 12.00h by phone and e-mail. Due to these limited business hours, we ask you to be patient until your message can be answered.

Tel. +41 41 399 87 87 |


The following schedule will come into force as of Saturday, March 21, 2020:

The train operations will be organized in such a way that only a limited number of passengers will be transported in any given carriage at the same time. We kindly ask you to maintain a safe distance from other passengers.

Cogwheel Railway Vitznau-Staffelhöhe
The cogwheel railway departing Vitznau will travel to Staffelhöhe only. As a result of the directives from the Federal Government, only a reduced number of passengers will be transported in any one carriage.

Vitznau–Kaltbad–Staffelhöhe Staffelhöhe–Kaltbad–Vitznau
Depart Vitznau Depart Staffelhöhe Depart Kaltbad
6.35 7.15 7.20
7.50   9.15
10.15 11.10 11.15
12.15 13.10 13.15
14.15 15.10 15.15
15.15 16.10 16.15
17.40 18.30 18.35
19.15 20.10 20.15
22.05 22.50 22.55

 *Monday to Friday and general holidays


Cogwheel Railway Goldau – Rigi Kulm
The cogwheel railway departing Goldau for Rigi Kulm will operate according the following schedule in order to provide a necessary connection function only:

Goldau - Rigi Kulm Rigi Kulm - Goldau
Depart Goldau Depart Rigi Kulm
8.08 9.08
16.08 17.01


Aerial Cableway Kräbel-Scheidegg
The aerial cableway from Kräbel to Scheidegg departs according tot he following schedule in ordert to provide a necessary connection function only:

Kräbel - Rigi Scheidegg Rigi Scheidegg - Kräbel
8.20 17.25


Aerial Cableway Weggis- Rigi Kaltbad
The aerial cableway from Weggis-Rigi Kaltbad is currently closed for yearly maintenance until April 9, 2020 and, pending any announced changes by the authorities, will remain closed until the end of April 2020. 

Stay up-to-date

The current situation is very dynamic and can change fast. Inhabitants on Mount Rigi, can sign up to receive email updates by registering with RIGI BAHNEN AG. In this way, you will receive timely information and updates regarding any changes to our policies. Please contact with the subject heading "Aktuelle Informationen Coronavirus". We apologize but at this time, the service can only be provided in German language. 

Enhancing solidarity - Additional offer for risk groups

For all permanent inhabitants on Mount Rigi over the age of 65, we will be offering a complimentary shopping service. This service is available for inhabitants of Rigi Kaltbad and Vitznau and will be offered by our apprentices. Purchases will be made in Volg Vitznau. Please send an Email to with the subject heading "Einkauf Service Rigi" or get in touch with our Customer Service Team at 041 399 87 87. 

The Executive Board of RIGI BAHNEN AG thanks you in advance for your understanding and is available for questions or concerns at any time. 

Stay healthy!

Additional Information

  • The regular public transport will operate according to the normal schedule.
  • Any departures on purely touristic routes, extra trains, as well as historic or nostalgic services have been cancelled.A touristic route can be defined as any journey that does not have a long-distance or short-distance connection purpose or which is a specifically ordered service from the federal or cantonal government.
  • All Restaurants and bars will remain closed until at least April 19th, 2020
  • Winter hiking trails will no longer be prepared by the RIGI BAHNEN AG and will be officially closed. You will be able to obtain accurate information about the status of winter hiking trails both on our website and on the interactive maps.
  • The Rigi Service Center at Kaltbad will be closed. For any touristic concerns, guess can contact the RIGI BAHNEN AG Customer Service Team at the following telephone number: 041 399 87 87
  • The Swiss Federal Council has forbid any public or private gatherings or events. The hotels located on and around Mount Rigi are only partially open. Please check the website of the specific hotel in order to double-check!
  • Service and freight departures will continue to operate.
  • Construction sites remain open.

We are currently being confronted with a global challenge on a scale that we could not have imagined of just a few short weeks/months ago. We must continue to make decisions, demonstrate flexibility and understanding for the situation, and hope that the situation will soon return to normal. 

For any questions, please contact the RIGI BAHNEN AG Customer-Service-Team at the following telephone number: 041 399 87 87