«Did you Know, that...»

Interesting Facts about Mt. Rigi

The Rigi and the mountain railways have some tales to tell. Many are almost incredible and still astonish us. It has been possible to «climb» the mountain in comfort by railway since 1871. A lot has happened since then, and we list below some «Did you know, that...» facts and figures about the Rigi. Enjoyment and amazement at the same time!

Facts about Mt. Rigi


  • ...the route from the high platform Goldau to Rigi Kulm extends for 8.6 kilometers? Without the cogwheel system the route would be 70 km instead of 8.6 km long so as to overcome the steep slopes.
  • ...the Rigi Kulm Hotel was the first mountain guesthouse in Switzerland and had its very first guest in 1816?
  • ...that in 1875 till 1931 there was a further train connection between Rigi Kaltbad and Rigi Scheidegg? A highly frequented hiking trail today, the panoramic trail used to be the railway line of the Rigi-Scheidegg railway.
  • ...that the cograil track from Goldau to Rigi Kulm has 86,000 cogs?
  • ...that on Alp Chäserenholz below Rigi Kulm approx. 14 tons of Alpine cheese are prepared per year on average?
  • ...that the route from Goldau to Rigi Kulm was already being electrically operated in 1907? It is the world’s first electrically run cogwheel railway with a normal track.
  • ...that there are more than 35 kilometres of well-prepared winter hiking trails on Mt. Rigi? In summer there are 120 km of hiking trails.
  • ...that 24 of the 26 cantons can be seen from Rigi Kulm? Which two cantons are not visible? It's Geneva and Basel
  • ...that the cogwheel railway from Vitznau was the first mountain railway in Europe? Commenced in 1871!
  • ...that a total of nine mountain railways operate on Mt. Rigi? There are two cogwheel railways and seven aerial cable cars.
  • ...that RIGI BAHNEN AG was founded only in 1992? Prior to that the Arth-Rigi railway and Vitznau-Rigi railway were two independent companies.
  • ...that Mt. Rigi is among the richest orchid regions in central Switzerland? 37 of approx. 60 orchid types are native to Mt. Rigi.
  • ...that at optimal visibility around 620 Alpine summits can be seen from Rigi Kulm? 463 of those are more than 2000 metres, 93 more than 3000 metres and 5 more than 4000 metres high
  • ...that the last steam locomotive of the Arth-Rigi railway was sold for only CHF 4,000.00 in 1945? Today the nostalgic steam locomotive would be priceless.
  • ...that the cogs of the machine in which you are now sitting will turn 3,739 times for you to get to Rigi Kulm from Goldau?
  • ...that a steam locomotive of the Rigi Bahnen requires four hours of heating up before departure and before commencing its trip to Rigi?
  • ...that the earlier three Rigi railways (Arth-Rigi railway, Vitznau-Rigi railway and Rigi-Scheidegg railway) purchased 26 steam locomotives from 1871-1924? Today, two of the historical locomotives are still in use.
  • ...that the high platform Goldau was re-opened in July 2017 after seven years of construction work?
  • ...that the Swisscom communications tower on Rigi Kulm is 96 metres high?
  • ...that you can discover 13 lakes on a splendid day at Rigi Kulm? Namely, Bodensee, Pfäffikersee, Lake Zurich, Mauensee, Lake Lucerne, Lake Zug, Baldeggersee, Hallwilersee, Sempachersee, Ägerisee, Lauerzersee, Sarnersee and Rotsee.