Swisstainable is made up of the terms Switzerland and Sustainable. It was launched by Switzerland Tourism and is the poster child of the current sustainability development. In the Rigi region, numerous businesses are getting involved and helping to make the Rigi one of the most sustainable mountain in Switzerland. Information on the Swisstainable programme can be found here.


The Rigi – Sustainable journey

7 Reasons

    • Over 60% of the guests make the journey to us on public transport.
    • Clear acknowledgment of sustainability through the acceptance of the general abonnement and the Swiss Travel Pass by the RIGI BAHNEN AG.
    • While older RIGI BAHNEN AG vehicles burn up the braking energy when travelling downhill, the new generation of trains will feed the energy gained from breaking back into our own grid as electricity and make it usable for trains travelling uphill.
    • RIGI BAHNEN AG draws 100% of its electricity from renewable energy sources.
    • The newly renovated train station in Vitznau has a photovoltaic cell system on the completely refurbished flat roof. With the installed system, the RIGI BAHNEN AG can avoid around 18,500 kg of CO2 emissions every year.
    • The renovated roof at Berghaus Rigi Staffel received a photovoltaic system at the end of 2020. RIGI BAHNEN AG has a 50% share in the condominium ownership of this building and operates its Lok 7 restaurant there.
    • Mineralbad & Spa Rigi Kaltbad: Using sustainably produced heat from the region. As an energy source, wood is CO2-neutral and renewable. For the forest owners, it also eliminates the long transport routes into the valley. The Rigi Kaltbad Mineral Bath & Spa is a major consumer, with 300 steres per year. This benefits our Bath guests, the local economy and the environment.
    • Rigi Kulm Hotel: The photovoltaic system on the Rigi was one of the first PV systems with solar roof tiles, perfectly integrated into the roof in a sensitive environment for a landscape worthy of protection.
    • The RIGI BAHNEN AG administration building and depot in Vitznau are expected to be heated or cooled with lake water from the eRIS project by winter 2022/23.
    • Climate-neutral website hosting: The website servers are powered 100% by electricity from renewable/regenerative sources in our hoster's datacenter.
    • Switzerland Tourism's highest award: Swisstainable - leading for RIGI BAHNEN AG
    • Swisstainable - committed RigiPlus AG.
    • TourCert certification of RIGI BAHNEN AG since March 2019.
    • Thanks to the Rigi 2030 Charter, there are framework conditions and strategies for the long-term sustainable development of the Rigi.
    • Rigi Kaltbad is car-free. Rigi is also part of the association of car-free tourist resorts in Switzerland.
    • E-bus; electric bus in use on the Rigi.
  • Mount Rigi - a Natural Miracle in the heart of Switzerland. Learn more about the origin of the Mountain and its beautiful surroundings.
    • The association Pro Rigi has been committed to the care of fauna and flora on the Rigi since 1967..
    • On the flower trail, which leads from Rigi Kaltbad via Chänzeli to Rigi Staffel, over 200 plant species can be seen and studied during the season. The plants are labelled with signs.
    • The flower meadows along the tracks can be seen thanks to extensive management by RIGI BAHNEN AG employees.
    • The habitat of the sand lizards living on the mountain is at risk. At the same time embankments are being cut back, which is why the lizards are losing their shelter. The habitat of the sand lizards should be preserved. In order to achieve this goal, Rigi Bahnen is working together with the farmers on the mountain to draw up a management plan for the maintenance of the embankments along the railway track.
    • Over 50% of the orchid species native to Central Europe grow on the Rigi.
    • The Rigi wardens are responsible for the supervision and care of nature and protected plant areas on behalf of the cantons of Lucerne and Schwyz. As required, they provide information to Rigi guests. As well as observe and report to the Chief Warden environmentally relevant events in the areas of nature conservation, water protection, land management methods, landfill sites, civil engineering and construction, breaches of traffic regulations, etc. Every year, the 40 or so active wardens carry out around 400 patrols.
    • Together with the company Railex, RIGI BAHNEN AG is working to ensure that weeds on the railway tracks can be removed without the use of chemicals.
    • From the Rigi for the Rigi: Free rail transport for food that needs to be delivered on the Rigi.
    • Fighting food waste: The Hotel Rigi Kaltbad reduces food waste through artificial intelligence and thus saves costs.
    • Oeko-Hotel Gruebisbalm: Agriculture is an important part of Gruebisbalm. The farm produces natural, fresh products for the guests and supplies various partners on and around the Rigi with regional products.
    • The Kräuter Hotel Edelweiss uses only Swiss products with the additional restriction that they are also grown in Switzerland. In accordance with the terroir philosophy, it prefers to use products from the immediate surroundings, the corresponding climates and the potential found with the local people.
    • Berggasthaus Rigi Scheidegg/Bärenstube: Also fights against food waste. Their leftovers are processed into biogas.
    • Truly Schwyz: 11 Rigi restaurants offer menus with regional Schwyz products, true to the principle of «ächt Schwyz».
    • A new cheese dairy is being built on Rigi First so that the milk no longer has to be driven down into the valley for processing.
    • Rigi School: A group of young parents living on Rigi Kaltbad with children who will soon be of age to attend school would like to give the well-developed and «traffic-free» area of Rigi more of the role of a village, with attractive living, playing and learning space. A school plays a central role in this and is an important pillar of village development on Rigi Kaltbad. The school uses the special play and learning space for the benefit of the children and at the same time facilitates the working life of the parents on Rigi. New families are attracted by such an attractive place to work, which also creates added value for employers on the mountain.
    • Rigi for All: Rigi is a partner of the OK:GO initiative and is committed to obstacle-free travel. In addition, we offer barrier-free experience options, such as the JST Mountaindrive or wheelchair motor rental.

Royal commitment

The ambitions

The entire region is committed to caring for the environment in a variety of areas.

As one of the biggest players in the region, Rigi Bahnen AG is committed to process-oriented improvement in the areas of sustainability. The awards from TourCert and Switzerland Tourism - Swisstainable are the culmination of our commitment.
Frédéric Füssenich, CEO Rigi Bahnen