myclimate «Cause We Care» is an initiative for climate protection and sustainability in Swiss tourism. Together, companies, associations and private individuals are actively committed to climate protection.

«Cause We Care» Initiative
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The «Cause We Care» initiative of the Swiss myclimate foundation gives you the opportunity to promote climate change mitigation locally and globally. With a voluntary contribution, you actively make an effective contribution to climate protection. In return, we will double the contribution. Part of the sum is used to support high-quality international climate protection projects, so the posted service is climate-neutral. We invest the remaining sum in local sustainability measures. In this way, you achieve a double effect with your commitment. Since the launch in 2017, many service partners and destinations have already actively participated in myclimate «Cause We Care». You can find more information at


When booking your royal experience, you voluntarily achieve a twofold effect with a small contribution to «Cause We Care»: We promise to offset all unavoidable CO2 emissions of your stay with myclimate carbon offset projects. You thus benefit from a climate-neutral service and at the same time promote sustainable development, job creation, nature conservation and much more in places where these are particularly needed. At the same time, we invest the same amount in local sustainability programmes, reducing our own CO2 emissions and energy consumption. In this way, we ensure that you can enjoy an even more climate-friendly and sustainable holiday with us in the future.

Take action for our climate with us!

We care - if you pay a contribution, we will double it and put both contributions into the company's own «Cause We Care» fund.