The most beautiful alp in the world

When alpine dairyman Franz-Toni Kennel speaks of the most beautiful alp in the world, Rigi connoisseurs know exactly which alp he means.

Sustainable adventure offers

On the Chäserenholz alp he runs a small inn and makes his own cheese, which he sells on the Rigi or down in the valley to restaurants or shops. With Franz-Toni on the alp, you feel welcome and sense that time passes a touch more slowly. His passion is, of course, his cows and the cheese - but he is also a good host and offers meals and lodging for anyone who wants to experience a bit of alpine summer romance. His mountain pasture is a prime example of an intact circular economy. A few sustainable adventure offers that can be booked on the Rigi also take you past Alp Chäserenholz.

Alp Chäserenholz Käsekeller Franz Toni

Discover the Queen of the Mountains as part of a bookable offer and let the sustainable concepts of the adventure offers convince you.