150th Anniversary of Mount Rigi Railways

Mount Rigi Railways is celebrating its birthday!

In 2021, the oldest mountain railway in Europe will turn 150 years old. This important moment in Swiss history – and indeed in the history of global travel – will be celebrated with commemorative events and programs throughout the year. The preparations for next year's festivities are already well underway! On this page, you will find all of the latest news relating to the 150th Anniversary of Mount Rigi Railways.



Celebrate with us


Mount Rigi is truly a majestic mountain and carries a different meaning and importance for everyone that comes to visit. This has and always will be the case! But in 2021, there will be even more exciting reasons to visit the Queen of the Mountains. In addition to the program highlights, we will be enticing you with even more activities and experiences to visit Mount Rigi. Come celebrate with us!

Overview Mount Rigi Railways Anniversary (PDF)

  • 365 DAY PASS

    The 365 Day Pass offers unlimited fun on the rails and the slopes for a full year. It only costs CHF 400 for adults and CHF 200 for children up to the age of 15 years. The pass can be purchased at any time and is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. Click here for more information about the 365 Day Pass.


    With this initiative, we are aiming to promote the winter season on Mount Rigi and would like to motivate as many people as possible to dust off their skis and come cruises down our ski slopes. The turnstiles at the ski lifts will be removed and will be freely accessible for all visitors. This means that all holders of the SBB GA card (and indeed holders of any Mount Rigi day pass) can use the ski infrastructure for no additional charge.


    The general pricing structure of Mount Rigi Railways will also be simplified. The discounted winter pricing, which was previously valid for three months, and will be harmonized with the summer pricing. Now, there will be only one set of prices that are valid for the entire year. Click here for more information on our pricing structure.


    According to the new pricing structure, day passes and single journeys will become more expensive. For this reason, Mount Rigi Railways has decided to grant all children 15 years-of-age and younger free access to the ski area when accompanied by an adult. This special promotion is valid for the entirety of our 150th Anniversary Year in 2021! 

  • The Royal Experiences offered in conjunction with the 150th Anniversary will combine the many facets of Mount Rigi's history with culinary, cultural, and traditional experiences on the mountain. Whether it is a nostalgic steam train ride with the «Steam Locomotive #7», an aperitif in a historic salon carriage, a glimpse behind the scenes of our railway depot, or a Sunday brunch to watch the sun come up, there will be much to delight you!

    The «Royal experiences» can be booked below.


    «Steam Locomotive #7» was built in 1873 by the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Factory (SLM) in Winterthur. After 64 years of operation, the steam locomotive was retired from official duty in 1937 and was inducted into the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne in 1959. To commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Mount Rigi Railways, Locomotive #7 will be restored and brought back into operation. On September 15th, 2020, Steam Locomotive #7 will be transported from the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne by barge to Vitznau and will be painstakingly refurbished in order to restore it to its former glory.

    On May 21st, 2021, exactly 150 years after ist maiden voyage, Steam Locomotive #7 was once again set to make the journey up the Queen of the Mountains from Vitznau to Rigi Kulm. From June to October, 2021, we will be operating exclusive departures with Steam Locomotive #7for the general public so that we can bring the history of this impressive locomotive to life.


    Zusammenschnitt der Überfahrt der Lok 7 vom Verkehrshaus der Schweiz nach Vitznau, 15.09.2020


    As if by design, the 150th Anniversary of Mount Rigi Railways falls on the weekend of the Pentecost holiday. This means that the anniversary can be celebrated in extended fashion over the entire bank holidays weekend. On May 22 and 23rd, there are extensive events and festivities planned on Mount Rigi. Mount Rigi Railways will be deliberately focusing these events on the local & regional population, without whom Mount Rigi Railways would not be what it is today.


    Numerous staff members and loyal patrons of Mount Rigi Railways will recall the historic carriage parades of past anniversary celebrations. This is the occassion when all of the old jewels are cleaned and polished and brought out for an impressive display for the public. As they make their way in formation from Vitznau to Rigi Kulm, it's a sight that is guaranteed to make you smile, maybe even a bit emotional. It really is an event to look forward to!

  • In 2019, Mount Rigi Railways finalized an offer to purchase six new railway carriages from Swiss manufacturer Stadler Rail. These trains will be delivered in stages over the course of the second half of 2021. In Autumn 2021, we would like to inaugurate them in a public ceremony. We cannot yet estimate when the new carriages will be fully operational and accessible for the public because they must first be extensively tested on the mountain. With the staggered introduction of new railway carriages, Mount Rigi Railways is taking a giant step into the future. With that said, the company is committed to preserving its heritage and will work actively towards ensuring that its historic gems still have pride of place. This means that in the future, as now, our historic carriages will still be in operation long after the 150th Anniversary.

  • Come and enjoy our open-air festival «MOUNT RIGI – QUEEN OF THE MOUNTAINS». Experience the history of Mount Rigi, the roots of its people, and the traditional alpine way-of-life. Celebrate the myths and legends of Mount Rigi under the moonlit-sky including the royal visit of Queen Victoria and the creation of the first mountain railway in Europe that ascended the Queen of the Mountains for the very first time all the way back in 1871.  

    We are celebrating this anniversary at the open-air arena at Rigi Staffel, which is set against the beautiful backdrop of the Swiss Alps and Lake Lucerne. The festival will celebrate famous folk songs, pop classics, and moving classical music. Girls in folkloric costumes, actors, yodelers, typical alpine families, alphorn musicians, «Schwinger» (Swiss wrestlers), artists, dancers, and an orchestra will all contribute to an unforgettable experience and one-of-a-kind spectacle like out of a fairy-tale. We can already hear the first toot of the Mount Rigi cogwheel train in the distance now…


    Tickets will be available at here. We look forward to seeing you there!

Royal Experiences

Royal experiences


together ahead

Working together to make history

Mount Rigi Railways, The Rigi Historic Foundation, as well as other partners are working hand in hand to ensure the 150th Anniversary of Mount Rigi Railways is an unforgettable experience. We are already working hard on the preparations for this momentous occassion. The details of the exact program and the further activities surrouning the anniversary will be made public in the coming weeks and months. Rest assured, 2021 is looking bright and will be filled with plenty of majestic moments on Mount Rigi!


Celebrate together

Sponsors & Partners

We can only orchestrate such an elaborate anniversary program with the dedication and collaboration from our strong corporate partners. Mount Rigi Railways is counting on the following partners and is extraordinarily grateful for their ongoing support.

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