arts and crafts studio

Atelier Feuerblüten

Poststrasse 1, 6442 Gersau

The atelier Feuerblüten makes loving and unique handicrafts for you.

Bring some colour into your home with artistic works from the atelier Feurblüten. Flower arrangements, ceramic objects and jewellery are lovingly made by hand in a unique way.

On request, orders can also be taken by telephone and delivered directly to your home.

Opening hours

Thursday: 13.00-18.30 hours
Friday: 13.00-18.30 hours
Saturday: 9.00-13.00

You can reach the atelier Feuerblüten during the opening hours under: 041 828 17 62 or

In this company the Rigi-voucher can be redeemed.


Atelier Feuerblüten
Poststrasse 1
6442 Gersau

Phone 041 828 17 62