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Rigi Gnuss Chischtli (box)

NatuRigi Gnuss-Chischtli,  Erika Imgrüth-Waldis,  6354 Vitznau

The Rigi-Gnuss-Chischtli is made of wood from trees from Mt. Rigi, lined with aromatic Rigi hay and filled with wonderful produce and specialities from farms in the Rigi communities of Greppen, Weggis and Vitznau.


The Rigi-Gnuss-Chischtli was an initiative started in 2009/2010 by farmers on Mt. Rigi, in partnership with NatuRigi. If the farming families on the slopes of Mt. Rigi are to continue to farm the valuable rough pastureland there, they need an adequate income. One possible source of income is to make their own farm produce, develop speciality products and sell them directly to the public. With this in mind, some farmers on Mt. Rigi have formed a group and put together a whole range of products, and come up with the concept of the «Rigi-Gnuss-Chischtli». The product range is constantly being expanded and improved.

The Rigi-Gnuss-Chischtli is full of surprises. Among other things, there are traditional products like air-dried meat, goat's cheese, cakes in jars, dried cherries and farm specialities such as Oberberg organic sausage, Gruebis herbal tea, herbal oil from Rita's Garden, Haldi mustard and pear vinegar. Likely hit products such as Mt. Rigi capers and walnut oil, wild garlic paste and mixtures of alpine herbs and spices can also be added to your box.

Customers can choose from four different sizes of Rigi-Gnuss-Chischtli box. The smallest box is filled with 5 products and the largest with 14. You can also buy the products separately, without a box.
Rigi-Gnuss-Chischtli are carefully assembled according to your wishes in Vitznau and are dispatched promptly. Erika Imgrüth will be happy to receive your order – by post, phone or email.



NatuRigi Gnuss-Chischtli

Erika Imgrüth-Waldis

6354 Vitznau

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