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Trieb Alpine dairy

Staffelweg 8, 6410 Rigi Klösterli

Alpine cheese - sheer enjoyment, flavoured with culture and tradition.

The Alpine cheese made at Alp Trieb is a very special treat, carefully made by hand from the best milk from Mt. Rigi's cows.
The flavour of the milk varies - because the meadow plants vary from one area of pastureland to another - and so too does that of every one of the cheeses.
Furthermore, Alpine products are limited in quantity, sometimes only available seasonally and often made by hand.
Up at Alp Trieb, the flavoursome Mt. Rigi milk is made into the finest Alpine cheese by the Dahinden-Annen family. During the Alpine summer, the tasty Mt. Rigi cheese is sold directly from the Alp Trieb farm.
To buy cheese at other times of year, please contact the Dahinden-Annen family directly.

The Trieb Alpine dairy can be reached on the Rigi Bahn railway from Goldau. There is a footpath signposted from the Rigi Klösterli stop which takes you north-east to the Alp Trieb farm. The walk takes about 20 – 30 minutes.


Alp Trieb
Staffelweg 8
6410 Rigi Klösterli

Phone +41 79 232 44 66