Jazz concert

Concert by 8ontime

Pavillon am See
6353 Weggis
What began in 1996 as a casual jam among friends has developed into a permanent fixture on the Swiss music scene: 8ontime from Ruswil is celebrating its 28th anniversary this year.

Event details

The band, consisting of eight passionate musicians, thrills its audience with an energetic mix of soul, pop, Latin, funk and blues. Groovy rhythms, danceable melodies and two powerful lead vocals make for an unforgettable live experience.

"Our music is characterised by pure joy of playing and a shared passion for honest, handmade music," explains the band. "We want to make people dance and sing along with our songs and put a smile on their faces."

Over the past few years, 8ontime has constantly evolved and matured musically. The band has developed its own unmistakable style, which is well received by fans and critics alike.

In addition to their musical quality, 8ontime is also characterised by their likeable charisma and stage banter. The musicians know how to take their audience with them and provide the best entertainment.

After 28 years, the band is still full of energy and drive. 8ontime is looking positively to the future and is looking forward to many more years of music and live performances.

8ontime - This is handmade music with heart and soul that is simply fun!