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Kreative Workshops

Atelier Yoku
Gersauerweg  6,  6354 Vitznau
Creative workshops for people of all ages
Painting and designing with a wide variety of materials in a relaxed, quiet atmosphere

Event details

Based on design, natural and recycled materials and diverse impulses, you can find your creative power.

In the process, be it large-scale painting on the painting wall, paper scooping, plastering, collaging, stenciling, stamping, pasting, printing, weaving, felting, coloring, toning, three-dimensional design, etc. you can freely design and simply be.

The workshops are not building up. No prior knowledge or special skills are necessary. Addressed are all people of any age who want to take a creative time out.

There will be a series of 4 on Wednesday afternoons and one on Sunday afternoons. Registration is desired, spontaneous participation on one of the dates is also possible.

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