RückenFit - Vitznau bewegt!

Kurpark Vitznau
6354 Vitznau
Vitznau on the move! BackFit with Jenny Zimmermann

Event details

This year, the municipality of Vitznau is once again offering further fitness and meditation courses as part of Vitznau bewegt. Everyone is cordially invited to attend.
The offer is free and completely non-binding. If the weather is fine, the leisure activities will take place outdoors in the Kurpark Vitznau. If the weather is bad, the courses will be held either in the Singsaal school building or in the MZH.

*In case of bad weather, please find out in advance where the courses will take place.

Through targeted mobilization, strengthening and stretching exercises, you will strengthen your abdominal and back muscles, increase your flexibility and relieve possible tension. This training also helps you to maintain an upright posture and prevent back pain.

It is advisable to bring a soft surface such as a mat or towel.

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