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Places of Power on Mount Rigi 

Throughout history, there have always been places with a particular type of appeal. Such places of power are areas with heightened natural energy. Mt. Rigi is renowned for having numerous places of power where you can experience the region’s rich variety of energy.

Places of Power on Mt. Rigi
Aussicht von Rigi Kulm in der Abendstimmung

Places of power are not fixed sites, they cannot be measured in metres. As you search for these special places, you must take the wider surroundings into consideration. Ideally, once you have found a place that appeals to you, you should rest there awhile. You don’t need any special skills or talent to sense a place of power.

Mountainous locations are particularly good for recharging your energy stores. Sacred sites such as chapels and churches also often mark places of power. A place’s energy can be measured with the help of a pendulum or rod and a measuring scale. The Bovis biometer was developed by French physicist Alfred Bovis (1841-1947). It is a scale that is used to measure wavelengths in Bovis units, which are known as ångström. The diviner holds the rod or pendulum in their right hand and the biometer in their other hand. The key question is now: how many Bovis units does the Earth have here, at this place? 8,000 Bovis units is a good amount. It indicates a normal, healthy level of vibration. The average value is 6,500. Everything below that will take energy away from you; everything above will give you energy. On Mt. Rigi the values are higher than those typically found in the lowlands (6,500 – 7,500). There are several reasons for this:

  • Mt. Rigi has more sun than anywhere else in the surrounding region.
  • The peaks of the Alps and foothills act like telluric conductors (antennas) and their effect is intensified through the reflections in the various lakes.
  • Mt. Rigi has been a place of pilgrimage since the end of the Middle Ages. Those suffering from illness used to ceremoniously bathe in cold water at Rigi Kaltbad in the hope of being cured. Today there is still a chapel at this site and the highest Bovis units on Mt. Rigi have been measured in this area.

This list details the record number of Bovis units that have been measured on Mt. Rigi:

  • Rotstock (highest point/slope): 13,500
  • Kreuz (on the ridgeway between Staffelhöhe and Känzeli): 18,500
  • Felsenkapelle (rock chapel): 15,000
  • Rocky pass to the Felsenkapelle: 23,000 (Mt. Rigi record)
  • Rigi Kulm: 15,000
  • Maria zum Schnee (Maria of the Snow) chapel at Rigi Klösterli (votive table at the entrance): 20,000