Canoe tour

By taking the canoe out on Lake Lauerz, you will enjoy an exciting journey of discovery.

Canoe tour
Insel-Feeling in Lauerz

The guides will take you to hidden bays, untouched shores, and you will witness rare flora and bird species. The larger canoes offer space for up to 12 persons. This means that you can make speedy time as you paddle across the lake. It also enables members of the troupe to take a break every so often as there will certainly be somebody else that is paddling!


  • From April to November
  • At least 6 persons, up to 120 persons
  • Excursion length: 2 hours
  • Starting from CHF 80.- per person (discounts available for school groups)


Adventure Point GmbH
Tel. +41 79 247 74 72