Spring feelings

Animal kingdom

Everything wakes up

Early in the morning, the birdsong resounds wonderfully. But whose beak does this voice belong to? And who is still awake so late at night? It's high time to learn more about the bird world on an ornithological excursion or about nocturnal animals in the zoo.

Bergfrühling auf der Rigi

On foot

Hiking fans

Stop for a moment at one of the many seating areas and watch the happy little animals awakening from their hibernation. Watch out for lively squirrels that start a wild chase through the branches. Study the hedgehogs and lizards slowly leaving their hiding places as temperatures rise. And watch the spotted ladybirds crawling out of the narrow cracks of the trees.

Hike and Hop ON

all around

Spring Experiences

Explore the Rigi from all sides with different methods of transport. The South Side Safari is the perfect combination of cog wheel, cable car, boat, bus and a hike. For those who prefer the unconventional, a paragliding flight offers spectacular views.