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Cultural experiences


Launched in 1998, the Sculpture Trail from Arth to Goldau makes art accessible to the local population.

Skulpturenweg Arth

The aim of the Sculpture Trail was to repurpose the old tram line between Arth and the Goldau railway station that was decommissioned in 1959, thereby once again opening up the region to the wider world. The trail is a symbol, a pathway, which points to what lies beyond the perspective of the valley. It is a testament to the openness of the community. This permanent exhibition is designed to be thought-provoking and connects the districts of Arth, Oberarth and Goldau in an attractive and inspiring way.

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altes Bauernhaus

The municipality of Arth has a distinctive local history and numerous cultural buildings. Since spring 2012, four cultural trails invite you to get to know the community in a different way. A total of 92 objects in the villages of Arth, Oberarth and Goldau as well as the Rigi area can be admired and discovered. At each of these locations you will find a board with the most important information.

Every year between January and the end of March, the Arth Theatre entertains roughly 13,000 people with around 30 performances of a wonderfully staged operetta.

The Arth Theatre is synonymous with superb quality and professionalism. The theatre’s repertoire includes works by countless renowned composers. The earliest historical records indicate that the Arth Theatre first opened its doors in 1786. The associated theatre company was established in 1851. Back then, the Arth primarily performed dramas and musical comedies, but since the 1950s it has specialised in operettas. The choir and orchestra are composed of laypeople, most of whom live in Arth and the neighbouring municipalities, which helps the theatre to preserve its rural flair. However, for the past few years the soloist roles have mostly been performed by professional singers. When the operetta season is over, the Arth Theatre hosts a variety of other concerts and events.

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