at the Gesslerburg

Bone Mill

The Bone mill with its water wheel and idyllic pond lies at the foot of the Gesslerburg.

Bone mill
Mühlerad Gesslerburg

At that time, there were a leg crusher, a grinder and a band saw installed.

The power was provided by the overhead water-wheel. The water was supplied from a pond above the mill.

The bone flour was a much sought-after fertilizer. In the course of time, there were several changes of hands. The building served as a wine and beverage warehouse and later as a storage room for the water supply.

In 1996, the existing water wheel was replaced by a new water wheel made of oak wood with a diameter of four meters. The water supply had to be rebuilt. In 1998, the bone mill was fully reconstructed.

The group, Franz Holzgang, Martin Heinzer, Vinzenz Nietlisbach, Godi Suter, Franz Winiger and Josef Schaller, was and is responsible for the professional execution and operation.


From May to October upon reservation at one of the contact addresses of the senior group. 


Aperitifs, meeting point for small groups, communities, class reunions, etc.


At the Gesslerburg shooting range: Sigisrütiweg (100 meters away).


Voluntary donations for the maintenance of the facility are greatly appreciated. A family friendly fireplace with water supply is located nearby.


Bone Mill