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Regional Products

Regional products


100% organic cheeses have been produced at the Küssnacht village cheese shop since the middle of the 19th Century. These independently-run masters of their craft produce their own cheese specialties such as their namesake «Küssnachter».

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The Räber family have been producing quality fruit products for generations. The family-run business transforms the local fruit harvests into tasty preserves, schnapps, and other delicious fruit products.

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It is the goal of Rigi Gold to tap into the emotions of the regional population and the guests to Mount Rigi and conjure up the spirit of the beautiful natural mountain surroundings. Beer is an age-old drink and brewing is a tradition that the Rigi Gold AG strives to uphold according to local custom and traditions.

The beautiful, slightly red color of the beer that is derived from the malt composition is a feast for the eyes, regardless of whether you are quaffing it while the sun is setting or not. Since 2015, this tasty, full-bodied, malty beer has been available at selected location on/around Mount Rigi.

You can sample the beer at various mountain restaurants or at Hotel Restaurant Seebodenalp. Enjoying the view with a beer in your hand after a long hike or a ramble on top of Mount Rigi, it doesn’t really get any better than that does it?

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On the south-facing slope of Chiemen, you will find one of the only vineyards in Central Switzerland. The mild climate from Lake Zug as well as the influence from the «föhn» allow the grapes to ripen to perfection. Regardless of whether you are looking for a refreshing white wine or a younger red wine, Sunnehof Wine tastes great!

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