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Exclusive: Raft construcion on Lake Lauerz

The raft construction on Lake Lauerz is a highlight in terms of teambuilding. The commitment and creativity of each individual are in demand.

Raft construction on Lake Lauerz
Flossbau Lauerzersee

The combination of teamwork, craftsmanship and exciting rafting guarantees a great event. One or more teams have the task of building a large sustainable raft out of individual parts, which is only held together by ropes. Experienced guides will take the lead on each raft and ensure safety on the lake.


  • From April to November
  • At least 6 persons, larger gropus on request
  • Duration 2 to 4 hours
  • From CHF 130.- per person (reduction for school class)


Adventure Point GmbH
Phone: +41 79 247 74 72