Rigi Scheidegg - Burggeist

current situation

Here you'll find all information about the weather situation, as well as the opening hours of the mountain inns and the facilities on Rigi Scheidegg and Rigi Burggeist. 

Current situation Rigi Scheidegg - Burggeist

Version 21.09.2021 /  07:55 Uhr

Temperature5.5 °C
Windno wind
Aerial Cable Car Kräbel-Rigi Scheideggopen
Aerial Cable Car Obergschwend-Rigi Burggeist            open
Berggasthaus Rigi Scheidegg 


Closed on Thursdays & Fridays

Berggasthaus Rigi Burggeist


Closed on Tuesdays  Wednesday

Alpencafé Rigi Maison

Sa. 18.09. open

So. 19.09 closed

Kiosk Rigi Scheidegg open every day

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