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Handicapped-accessible hotels/restaurants
Durchgang Hotel Rigi Kulm


Switzerland’s first mountain restaurant in Rigi Kulm is wheelchair-accessible. With the Rigi railways, guests can reach the Rigi Kulm station, from where the hotel can be accessed through a tunnel and lift. There are no wheelchair-accessible toilets in the hotel. However, the station at Rigi Kulm has suitable toilets. Handicapped-accessible rooms are not available.


Hotel Rigi Kaltbad is easily accessible for wheelchair users. A lift is available on site to transport the guests to all floors and also to the Sunset Restaurant (breakfast & dinner) and to the Mark Twain Bar on the 1st floor. The Rigi Stübli on the ground floor invites you to enjoy traditional Swiss meals. Wheelchair-accessible rooms are also available. The toilets on the ground floor are wheelchair-accessible.


The restaurant «Zum Goldenen Hirschen» at the Hotel Klösterli is wheelchair-accessible. Wheelchair-accessible rooms and toilets are also available at the hotel. The journey to the hotel with the Rigi train from Goldau is easy with a wheelchair.


Hotel Edelweiss also offers trouble-free access on Staffelhöhe. The small sill at the entrance can easily be crossed with a bit of help. A wheelchair-accessible toilet is also available. The hotel has no wheelchair-accessible rooms.


The restaurant at the Hotel Alpina is accessible for wheelchair users. The wheelchair-accessible toilets are available in the station building of Rigi Bahnen (Mount Rigi Railways) in Rigi Kaltbad.


The sun terrace of the Rigi First Hotel, located on the wheelchair-friendly panorama route, is easily accessible via the new vertical lift at the house façade. A wheelchair-accessible room with a large toilet is also available via the external lift. Further wheelchair-accessible toilets are not available.


Alp Ruodisegg is wheelchair-accessible. A well-built gravel road leads directly to the restaurant. The distance from the Seebodenalp car park to the Alpine inn is 2 km. There are a few small sills and ramps, but these can easily be overcome with an accompanying helper. Driving permits can be granted for the journey from the Seebodenalp car park to the Ruodisegg Alpine inn at the restaurant or at the Mountain and Seebodenalp corporation. The fee is CHF 20.00 per private vehicle.


Bathing with a view of the mountain landscape is also possible with mobility aids. The mineral bath can be accessed via a lift from the Rigi Kaltbad village square. Wheelchair-accessible toilets and showers as well as large, spacious changing rooms are available. After changing, an in-house wheelchair is made available to the guest. With a special lift, the guest can ease themselves into the warm water. Even the steam bath and the quiet zones can be used.

This list is continually updated. Fortunately, many of Rigi’s service providers dedicate themselves to the theme of «Rigi for all». They are always available for questions, tips and assistance. Our Rigi Guest Service is available for further questions: Phone 041 399 87 87 and e-mail: