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RigiWii (wine) from Weggis

Remo Müller,  Schlieriberg / Rigiwii,  6353 Weggis

Created from a love of nature! The grapes that go into RigiWii from Weggis grow at 700 m above sea level, high above Weggis.


The natural methods and close care and attention that are applied in the making of this wine from Mt. Rigi make it very special.
The fruity Solaris grape variety tastes of grapefruit, lychees and green apples. The name Solaris comes from the sun, which is so strong here that it ripens the grapes early and gives them a high sugar content. Rigiwii® is grown and made using biodynamic methods, in perfect harmony with nature. Biodiversity is encouraged and promoted throughout the vineyard.

Thanks to the choice of a fungus-resistant grape variety, only natural products are needed to protect and strengthen it. These include, for example, horsetail extract, aluminium sulphate, hydrogen sulphide, Epsom salts etc. The vines are normally sprayed once a year after flowering. The vines are looked after entirely by hand. The planted areas are designed to blend into the landscape. The grapes are strictly sorted in the autumn. The yield is about 500g/m2.



Remo Müller

Schlieriberg / Rigiwii

6353 Weggis

Phone +41 76 571 87 85