Mountain restaurant

Restaurant Bahnhöfli

Restaurant Bahnhöfli,  Rigi Staffel 6410 Rigi Staffel

Get off the train, make your selection, enjoy. Welcome to the Bahnhöfli self-service restaurant right next to the Rigi Bahnen station at Rigi Staffel. The restaurant has something for all tastes, under the slogan: quick, easy, uncomplicated.


Whether you eat inside by the wonderful panoramic windows with views of the stunning mountain scenery, or out on the lovely terrace, where the mountains feel close enough to touch, the Bahnhöfli restaurant is always worth a visit.

The restaurant is easily reached by Rigi Bahnen railways from Vitznau or Goldau. There are also several footpaths that pass Rigi Staffel.

At the weekends you can enjoy barbecue in the grill cart on the terrace of the Restaurant Bahnhöfli.

In this restaurant the Rigi-voucher can be redeemed. 



Restaurant Bahnhöfli

Rigi Staffel

6410 Rigi Staffel

Phone +41 41 399 87 66