Restaurant Rössli Küssnacht

Restaurant Rössli Küssnacht,  Unterdorf 5,  6403 Küssnacht


When one sets the table with love, the food tastes the best!

In Unterdorf, on the lively street between the village square and Lake Lucerne, the Rössli restaurant is a fount of leisure and well-being. The ground floor is home to a cosy pub with bar and the first floor hosts the dining area. A cultivated atmosphere and charming service await you.

The truth is in the cooking pot

Anyone in search of enjoyment and comfort should take a seat at the Rössli inn. Cooking with great attention to detail is the norm here. Fresh products from the region and Austrian delicacies will make the connoisseurs heart skip a beat. The meals at the Rössli are prepared à la minute with fresh and tasty ingredients. The varied offers are always a delight to the palate. Quality has the utmost priority for the young host couple Andrea and Adrian Achermann. Passion for a cultured ambience and warm hospitality are the hallmarks of this establishment.

An inn for everyone

The blend of modern, international ambiance with traditional and down-to earth features gives the Rössli a special touch a meeting point for everyone.

From Tuesday to Saturday, the menu at the pub and restaurant invites you to come and visit, even at lunchtime. Three seasonally adjusted menus, one of them vegetarian, are served with soup or salad. First-class products from the surrounding farms and the Heinzer butchery in the Muotathal are used in the kitchen.

Apricot dumplings and Viennese "Schnitzel"

At the Rössli, dont miss out on the Austrian delicacies such as apricot dumplings and authentic Viennese "Schnitzel". As a guest, you will find the perfect drink to accompany all culinary delights. A small, manageable wine selection offers variety. Freshly drafted Appenzeller beer, homemade juices and other specialities also wait to be enjoyed.

"Drop by for a glass of wine!"

Unspoiled and pristine

The Restaurant Rössli has lots of stories to tell. Built in 1648, it is among the oldest restaurants in Küssnacht. The historical walls are hallmarks of tradition and fortitude. At the same time, thanks to the young host couple the Restaurant Rössli has become a lively establishment imbued with the spirit of the times. The rustic pub on the ground floor with a bar where smoking is allowed invites you for a glass of champagne or an espresso. Wine lovers and other lovers of pleasure will certainly find something to enjoy. The smoke-free area is located on the first floor.



Restaurant Rössli Küssnacht

Unterdorf 5

6403 Küssnacht

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