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The cable cars from Weggis to Rigi Kaltbad and Kräbel to Rigi Scheidegg are out of order due to heavy winds. We are happy to take you via cogwheel train from Goldau or Vitznau to the Rigi.


Here you find the timetables of all nine mountain railways on Mount Rigi. Click on the plus sign on the right to see the detailed information. 

New Year's Eve Timetable:

Route: Arth Goldau RB – Goldau A4 – Kräbel – Fruttli – Klösterli – Wölfertschen-First – Staffel – Rigi Kulm

Fahrplan Arth-Goldau 09.06.19-14.12.19

Route: Vitznau – Mittlerschwanden – Grubisbalm – Freibergen – Romiti Felsentor – Rigi Kaltbad/First – Staffelhöhe – Staffel – Rigi Kulm

Fahrplan Vitznau 21.10.19-14.12.19
Luftseilbahn Weggis-RigiKaltbad

Closure because of maintenance work
November, 4-15, 2019 and March, 9 until April, 9, 2020. Please use during this time the cogwheel train from Vitznau to Rigi Kulm.

Luftseilbahn Kräbel-RigiScheidegg

Closure because of maintenance work 
November, 25 until December, 5, 2019 and April 14-24, 2020.

Fahrplan Obergschwend-Burggeist

Closure because of maintenance work
November, 11-22, 2019 and March, 10 until April 7, 2020.Please use during this time the aerial cable car Kräbel - Rigi Scheidegg.

Fahrplan Küssnacht-Seebodenalp Sommer

Closure because of maintenance work
March, 23 until April, 3, 2020 (only Monday to Friday)

The aerial cable car Vitznau - Hinterbergen is in operation 24 hours a day, as it is operated by an automatic pay station. 

The aerial cable car Vitznau - Wissifluh runs as required. Please contact the operators for further information. 

Weekday Operating times
Monday 09:05 - 18.05
Tuesday 09:05 - 18.05
Wednesday 09:05 - 18.05
Thursday 09:05 - 18.05
Friday 09:05 - 18.05
Saturday 09:05 - 18.05
Sunday 09:05 - 18.05

The aerial cable car runs daily, every half an hour at xx:05 und xx:35