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Rigi Historic

RIGI HISTORIC’s mission is to preserve the historic vehicles and buildings of Mount Rigi Railways so that they may continue to be enjoyed by the public. Thanks to your generous support, we are able to keep our history moving!

Rigi Historic


RIGI HISTORIC is committed to implementing the vision that sponsors, employees, and the executive board of Mount Rigi Railways advocate for. Together, we are making history and writing the next chapter of the exciting story for Europe's first cogwheel railway so that future generations can continue to enjoy it. This history comes to life in the form of two steam locomotives, 17 exclusive cogwheel railway carriages as well as the historic high-platform in Goldau and the ship station in Vitznau.


RIGI HISTORIC is committed to preserving the unique witnesses of Mount Rigi’s riveting railway history. 

The Rigi Historic Foundation was founded in 2012 with the explicit purpose of maintain the culturally and historically relevant artifacts of Mount Rigi Railways, in particular the valuable train carriages and locomotives. Its core task revolves around collecting financial support for the restoration and preservation of these witnesses to history.

The foundation approaches its task in a number of different ways. For the ongoing maintenance, the foundation engages with all of the stakeholders on Mount Rigi as well as historically-inclined employees of Mount Rigi Railways in order to establish an ongoing dialogue and relationship with these persons. In order to provide an avenue for these persons to contribute a yearly donation, the foundation has established a “Sponsorship Club”. For those that would like to contribute through project work, this can be done outside of the official framework of the “Sponsorship Club”. For specific larger projects, RIGI HISTORIC enlists the support of select persons, companies, and institutions. Through these three approaches, RIGI HISTORIC strives to secure the funding needed to preserve the technical and historical masterpieces of Mount Rigi. In this way, the foundation wishes to contribute to the preservation of the key historical witnesses to the first mechanical conquest of the mountains in Europe.

As one of our esteemed sponsors, you too can help us continue to make history on Mount Rigi, help ensure that future generations can learn about the pioneering spirit and impressive feats in engineering that led to the founding of Mount Rigi Railways in the second half of the 19th Century.