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Lost and Found

Have you lost an item on your Rigi excursion? Then please fill out the contact form below.

Please note that CHF 5.00 per item will be charged for the collection at the Vitznau station. We will also be happy to send you the item by post (Switzerland) (except for bulky items such as walking sticks, etc.). The delivery costs CHF 5.00 plus postage, which must be paid in advance by credit card.

Lost and Found

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Next steps

If we find your lost item, we will contact you immediately. If you do not hear from us again, unfortunately the search on the Queen of the Mountains was not successful. Valuables that are not collected within 30 days will automatically be forwarded to the lost property office.

Sicherheitspolizei Stadt Luzern Fundbüro                                                                   
Hirschengraben 17b                                                                                                          
6002 Luzern                                                                                                                       
041 248 86 66

Found objects that are not considered valuables will be forwarded to useful institutions, e.g. clothing collection, or disposed of after a period of 7 days from the date of discovery.

Valuables are: Mobile phones, tablets, jewellery, watches, walking sticks, tickets such as Tellpass or GA's, corrected (sun-)glasses, wallet, rucksack/bags with contents, keys, cameras, ID cards/passports.

Not valuables are: Hats, caps, gloves, scarf, clothing, umbrella, selfie sticks, sledges, helmet, (ski/sun) glasses not corrected; rucksack/bags without contents.