cheesed dairy

Chäserenholz cheese dairy

Kulmweg 19, 6410 Rigi Kulm

Alp Chäserenholz is just a few minutes’ walk down from Rigi Kulm, in a fabulous location with a stunning view of the Schwyz Alps right through to Central Switzerland.

Together with the village’s cosy tavern and places to stay overnight, a cheese dairy has also played a major role here for the last four years. Every summer the Alpine herdsman Franz-Toni Kennel produces up to 12,000 kilograms of cheese. The highly prized milk required for the production of cheese, butter and yoghurt is provided by 33 cows in the nearby barn, as well as 17 cows from a leased business and other milk suppliers on the mountain.
Everyday production starts early in the morning and continues until midday. Up to 15 different types of cheese are produced each year on Alp Chäserenholz. The cheese is sold locally on the mountain and visitors can also look forward to a selection of delicious cheese dishes (raclette, fondue and open grilled cheese sandwiches), which are likewise made using the local cheese.
Individuals can visit the cheese dairy (overshoes CHF 2 each), while a personal tour by the Alpine herdsman Franz-Toni Kennel must be booked in advance (tour CHF 50).
Alp Chäserenholz is around 20 minutes away from Rigi Kulm


Alpwirtschaft Chäserenholz
Kulmweg 19
6410 Rigi Kulm

Phone +41 41 855 02 06