Chapel Kindli Gersau

The chapel Maria Hilf or «Käppeli zum Kindli», as it is affectionately called in the vernacular, is situated in a fairytale setting, surrounded by mighty Swiss stone pine tribes, just outside Gersau directly on the lake.


The oldest chapel in what was once the smallest republic in the world was inaugurated in 1570 and enlarged in 1707. The chapel became world-famous due to numerous photographs and illustrations in large magazines. With its idyllic surroundings and magnificent views of the lake and mountains, it offers an extremely picturesque picture. Directly below the chapel, there is a pebble beach with a landing stage if you would like to dislocate yourself with your guests on the water. The chapel can accommodate up to 80 people.


Catholic parish office
Gütschstrasse 2
6442 Gersau
Phone: +41 (0)41 828 1175