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Hiking in Arth-Goldau

Recommended hikes are the forest nature trail Via Silva or the varied landslide trail through the Goldau landslide area.

Hiking in Arth-Goldau
Wasserfall beim Goldseeli


This educational forest trail is located on the northern slopes of Mt. Rigi. Via Silva teaches nature lovers, school classes and families with inquisitive children about the many functions of what is known as a ‘protection forest’.

Interesting facts about protection forests and forest ecosystems keep hikers entertained as they make their way along the seven-kilometre trail, which typically takes two and a half hours to complete.

Find here further information about Via Silva (only german)


This trail takes hikers through the Goldau region that was devastated by a massive landslide on 2 September 1806. The trail includes Lake Lauerz, the Sägel nature reserve, the village of Goldau and its zoo, which were built on top of the pile of debris left behind after the landslide. Hikers will also pass through the actual landslide zone, which is famous for its wealth of orchids, as they make their way up Rossberg mountain. The traces of the landslide stem from that fateful day in 1806, when a gigantic mass of rock broke free from the slopes of the western ridge of the Rossberg and slid on a layer of clay and marl into the valley, burying 102 houses in the hamlets of Röthen and Goldau and causing the deaths of 457 people.

Today the Goldau landslide zone is a cantonal plant reserve. Plants that were unable to inhabit the previously wooded landscape quickly thrived in the newly cleared area, including rare species of orchids such as the lady’s slipper.

The trail starts in Lauerz and continues through the Sägel nature reserve to the village of Goldau, with a constant view of the Rossberg. Gigantic boulders bear witness to the historic landslide. Signs along the route provide information about the history of this unique landscape. It is also possible to start the hike in Arth-Goldau, and instead of returning to Goldau, you can hike the descent to Sattel.

Distance10 km
Time Lauerz–Goldau (Gnipen)4 h 20 min 
Time Goldau (Gnipen)–Lauerz3 h 30 min 
Altitude difference Lauerz–Goldau (Gnipen)1100 m
Altitude difference Goldau (Gnipen)–Lauerz40 m
Good to knowGood footwear necessary



During your hike through the bursting area you will get to know a unique animal and plant world. The Goldseeli is definitely worth a visit. Those who prefer to run instead of walk: A Vita-Parcours is available.

The rubble is ideal for orientation. There is an adventure playground which was set up in March 2012. Campfire sites are available and invite you to stay .

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