Into the lake

Swimming in Gersau

Gersau offers about 8 km of shore and two fantastic lidos! The lido Kindli is located in a wild romantic setting, about 1.5 km towards Brunnen. The lido Cholplatz is closer to the village in the direction of Vitznau, with a wide view over the lake. Both "Badis" offer rental of various sports equipment and friendly bistros.

Swimming in Gersau
Strandbad Cholplatz 1

Outdoor swimming pool Gersau

Cholplatz Lakeside Beach

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Lido Gersau

Kindli Lakeside Beach

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Tourist information Gersau

Tourist Information Gersau

Everywhere in Gersau you can find a spot at the crystal clear lake to take a jump into the cool water. It is only prohibited at the boat station. In the warm summer evenings, people come out like ants and make a pilgrimage to the shore to cool off, and hang out for a while before returning to the deep starry night.