steam trains

We are ready to go

You can hear the old steam horse approaching from far away as it chugs up the mountain and across the Mount Rigi peninsula.

Nostalgic steam trains


It is our pleasure to take you on a journey into the past. A journey for the senses during which you will experience the unique scent of the coal-fire in your nose and the tooting sound of the steam in your ears. Steam locomotives #16 & #17 are at your disposal at any time and are waiting for their next big day! Our steam engines need to be heated up four hours prior to use so that they are ready to transport guests.

Locomotives and carriages from the early years have been painstakingly restored by experts, which is why these «Grandes Dames» can still chug comfortably up the Queen of the Mountains nowadays. An absolutely superlative experience that you will not soon forget!

The journey continues...