Our certificates

We strive for quality

Our labels put a face to quality and signal what services guests can expect. Even though the TourCert certificate is the most comprehensive sustainability label we strive for, we have already addressed quality and sustainability in previous years. We hold the following quality and sustainability labels:

We strive for quality


The TourCert sustainability certificate supports RIGI BAHNEN AG with a process-oriented programme for more sustainable operations.

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A quality management standard describes which requirements the management system of an organisation - be it a company or an authority - must meet in order to comply with a certain standard in the implementation of quality management.

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The initiative of the Swiss foundation «myclimate» gives us the opportunity to promote climate protection locally and globally. With a voluntary contribution, our guests actively make an effective contribution to climate protection. In return, RIGI BAHNEN AG doubles each contribution.

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Since the TourCert certification in April 2019, RIGI BAHNEN AG has concluded a target agreement for large consumers CO2&kWh. With an average electricity consumption of approx. 4.4 million kWh, RIGI BAHNEN AG is one of the large energy consumers. For this reason, the company is obliged to join the large consumer model and to reduce its CO2 impact. The internal implementation is accompanied by the ENERGY AGENCY OF THE ECONOMY.

Grossverbraucher CO2&kWh

In addition, the Federal Office of Transport (FOT) carries out various audits to check whether the required standards are being met by RIGI BAHNEN AG. For self-monitoring and confirmation of compliance with the requirements, we compile a safety report every year for the attention of the FOT.