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Küssnachter Klausjagen

6403 Küssnacht am Rigi
One of the most ancient and imposing St. Nicholas traditions in Europe.


Hardly anything is as important in Küssnacht as the annual Klausjagen. At 8:15 p.m. sharp on December 5, the tremendous bang of a firecracker shot ends the conversations of the waiting Klausjäger. The lights go out, a cry of jubilation makes itself heard. Along the darkened streets, up to 30,000 spectators wait for the procession, which offers them one of the highlights right after the Geisselklepfer: the far more than 200 to over 2.5 meter tall Iffele with their artfully punched figures and ornaments, which repeatedly cause spontaneous applause. This is followed by Santa Claus, accompanied by his Schmutzli and illuminated by torchbearers, and finally the music with the eerily beautiful triad and about a thousand Trichler. The end of the mystical procession is formed by the horns with their eerie call, which is always the same. Every year, over 1500 men take part in the traditional Küssnacht Klausumzug, probably the most impressive and famous of its kind.

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